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Map of Busking Festival with Times and Performers (1)

Busking Festival and BBC Three Counties Radio

Today, my fundraising coordinator and I were on BBC Three Counties radio with Nick Coffer discussing the up and coming Oxjam Bedford Busking Festival! You can listen to the segment here about 39 seconds in – Oxjam On BBC Three Counties. It was a very new experience being on the radio, even more special for the artist we took along, Tia Jackson, who performed an original song live on air!

The Busking Festival is on July the 18th in Bedford Town Centre, over 4 pitches going down Silver Street and Midland Road. We are massively looking forward to putting on 18 acts for your pleasure (and hopefully your spare change). As with any Oxjam fundraiser, all monies goes Oxjam and ultimately to Oxfam to aid them in their hard work including emergency response and campaigning for change.

This is a map that I suggest you save onto your mobile for the day –

Map of Busking Festival with Times and Performers (1)

And you can view the Facebook event here! And don’t forget to like our Facbook page if you haven’t already and follow us on twitter @oxjambedford.

All 18 acts and all of our lovely volunteers are looking forward to seeing you on the day!

The Oxjam Bedford Takeover 2015

The Oxjam Bedford Takeover is back for 2015! The takeover will take place on October 24th with a number of events leading up to it! Please like us on facebook and follow us on twitter to constantly keep updated.

So much is planned including a monthly quiz at The Three Cups a monthly acoustic night in Holy Molys, a busking festival and much much more! It’s gonne be awesome!

Oxjam 2014 Lineup

We are happy to announce the lineups for Oxjam Bedford this year. These are subject to change, and we will keep you up to date with any changes that may happen.


17.30-18.00 – Feedback Aftermath
18.15-19.00 – YellowKnife Bay
19.15-19.45 – TBC
20.00-20.30 – Ray Guns To Stun
20.45-21.15 – Silver Tongue Bandoliers
21.30-22.00 – Doghouse Roses
22.15-22.45 – Tequilla Mockingbird
23.00-close – The Whybirds

15.30-16.00 – Henry & The Bleeders
16.30-17.00 – Healyum
17.15-17.45 – Robed In Desire
18.00-18.30 – Ivories
18.45-19.15 – Metatrons
19.45-20.15 – Near Moments
20.30-21.00 – Broken Diamond
21.15-21.45 – The Dilenquents
22.00-22.30 – Degenerates
23.00-close – Fishwives Broadside

14.00-14.30 – Mat Roberts
14.30-15.00 – Samantha Hughes
15.15-15.45 – Rougher Kids
16.00-16.30 – TBC
16.45-17.15 – Olivia Rose
17.30-18.00 – Lost For Words
18.15-18.45 – Paul Jackson
19.00-19.30 – The Reformers
19.45-20.15 – Blessem
20.30-21.00 – Paul Hegley Band
21.15-21.45 – Bluebook Project
22.00-22.45 – Ouse Valley Singles Club
23.00-close – May Contain Nuts

14.00-14.30 – Iain Orkisz
14.50-15.20 – Josh Johnson
15.40-16.10 – Amy Mason
16.30-17.00 – Kam Singh
17.20-18.00 – Kastaphor
18.20-19.00 – Ashley Falls
19.20-20.00 – The Tendons

12.10-12.40 – Marisa Stracia
13.00-13.30 – Layzell & Atkins
14.00-15.00 – The Bell End Brass Ensemble
15.20-16.00 – Charmaine Dawson
16.20-17.00 – Darling Mudaring
17.20-18.00 – Sunsinger
18.20-18.50 – Michael Green
19.10-19.40 – Chris Hepworth
20.00-20.30 – Jonny Mudd
20.50-21.30 – Paul In The Hat
21.50-22.30 – Cicero Buck

The Road To Oxjam

Hi there! I’m Rhiannon and I’m the 2015 takeover manager. I’m a 28 year old filmmaker and lecturer. I am also a mother and I pretty much juggle a lot of things! I was involved with oxjam last year. I organised the Oxjam Junior event which raised £500 in only 4 hours; this is what made me want to be the takeover manager so when the opportunity arose I grabbed with with both hands. I love this town, I love it’s creativity and I love it’s music scene and I just want to do the best that I can with all of it.

I am really enjoying this experience so far and cannot wait to put on an amazing takeover. I’m not gonna lie, it’s all very stressful but at the same time is so much fun. I am working with a great team of volunteers have the best in live music at my finger tips – it’s just working out what to do with it all!

I hope that more and more people in Bedford will want to be involved, and the surroduning areas! We are the only takeover in the three counties! I am strangely proud of that…haha.

Anway I hope to blog a lot over the next few months to keep you all updated with the fun I am having and the challenges that I am facing!